REVEALED: Suswam and Alia’s Deputy Sam Ode trying to compromise Benue Tribunal Judges

REVEALED: Suswam and Alia’s Deputy Sam Ode trying to compromise Benue Tribunal Judges

…Attempting to use the court Registrar 

By Richard Abagen 

Reliable information has it that the Benue state Deputy Governor Samuel Ode who is facing forgery charges at the governorship election tribunal and Senator Gabriel Suswam who is now the godfather of governor Hyacinth Alia are making desperate attempts to compromise the judges handling the case. 

Recall that governor Alia and his deputy are facing a difficult case before the tribunal concerning Alia’s sponsorship as candidate in the 2023 election which the PDP and its governorship candidate Titus Uba have challenged that his name was submitted 44 days to the election instead of the 180 days provided by law. The PDP and Uba have also accused Ode of forging the FCT High Court affidavit which he tendered to INEC. 

Governor Alia and his deputy Ode know that their chances of winning the case are very slim so they have recruited Suswam who claims to be well connected and can help Alia to escape sack by the tribunal. 

Credible sources told this medium that Suswam and Sam Ode have met several times with the Registrar of the tribunal and made big offers and solicited the support of the registrar to help them reach the judges. Our investigation shows that the judges have turned down each of the offers made by governor Alia through Suswam and Sam Ode. 

We were told that Suswam advised Alia to raise money through whichever means to bribe the judges because he has a very bad case at the tribunal. That was why the Benue state governor announced that he will construct roads within Makurdi and without a cabinet in place approved the contracts and got a way to get the money needed for the “job” of compromising the judges who have so far not shown any interest in Alia’s billions.

Suswam and Ode have met with the tribunal registrar many times to try to get him to convince the tribunal judges. It is not yet known if the duo have already given some amount to the registrar. But what is not hidden is the desperation and fear within the Alia camp over the pending tribunal judgment. 

We will keep a close watch on Suswam and Sam Ode and report in our next publication the exact venue and time where they will meet with the tribunal registrar and the amount they will give to him.