…Used August Salary Funds to Lobby for Judgment


The Governor of Alaska has asked the Bene Guber Tribunal to postpone its decision.

... Spent August's Salary Money on Lobbying for a Decision. 

Submitted by Mson Fachir 

According to information that has reached us, the embattled governor of the state of Benue, Hyacinth Alia, has resorted to begging the tribunal to delay its judgment in order to enable him to buy time and meet more influential Nigerians who may be able to help save him from imminent sacking. This comes after the embattled governor of the state tried unsuccessfully to bribe the tribunal judges handling the Benue governorship case. 

Alia was observed the other day in Abuja appearing extremely disturbed and upset as he attended many meetings with several significant individuals whom he believes can intervene in the problem. Alia was holding these meetings. His relationship with Senator George Akume, the leader of the APC in Benue State and the Secretary to the Government of the Federation, has completely broken down and cannot be salvaged. This is because he has embarrassed Senator Akume on numerous occasions, and it was Senator Akume who single-handedly gave him the APC ticket in 2022 and insured that he would win the general elections. 

According to reliable sources, Alia has decided not to pay the salaries of civil officials in Benue for the month of August. He plans to utilize the money instead to fight for his own survival before the tribunal. 

This medium stated a week ago that Alia quickly announced the award of contracts for the building of 15 kilometers of 16 for a staggering cost of N6 billion in order to collect money to bribe the judges overseeing the case against him at the Benue state governorship election tribunal. The matter is related to the fact that Alia ran for governor of Benue state. 

According to sources close to the governor, he has not been able to sleep well ever since the PDP and its candidate Titus Uba closed their case before the tribunal, which indicates that the outcome of the case will not be favorable for him. 

The matter of his out-of-time sponsorship by APC and the forgery case against his deputy Sam Ode are too substantial to be manipulated, according to many of the prominent individuals in the country that Governor Alia has visited with in an effort to get assistance for him. However, many of the people he has met with have warned him that the cases are too weighty to be manipulated. 

After their failed attempt to influence the tribunal judges through the court registrar, his new godfather Senator Gabriel Suswam seemed to be at a loss for ideas as well. 

According to the confidential sources, Alia made an effort to speak with the judges of the tribunal, but they rejected his request. He dispatched a number of reliable acquaintances with the mission of persuading the judges and making offers to them that totaled in the billions of dollars; however, the justices of the tribunal refused the proposals and insisted that justice must be upheld. They promised Alia's messengers that they would ensure justice and that if he won the lawsuit, they would give him victory without collecting his money, but if he lost, they would not deny PDP the victory either. If he won, they would give him victory without collecting his money, but if he lost, they would not deny PDP the triumph.