Do Not Expect Gov Alia to Achieve Anything

Alia has lied his way to power using all means including diabolical. But now that he is there, the reality is starring him in the face. He has nothing to offer the state.

Sep 28, 2023 - 17:26
May 16, 2024 - 13:27
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Do Not Expect Gov Alia to Achieve Anything

By Robert Tesem 

Let me begin by saying that I am a full time member of the All Progressives Congress, APC in Benue State. I am writing this because I hate deception and fake life. I am writing this because I feel that we have been scammed as a people. The man we now have as governor known as Hyacinth Alia is not fit to be there. He has no direction and no agenda for the people. 

Alia has lied his way to power using all means including diabolical. But now that he is there, the reality is starring him in the face. He has nothing to offer the state. 

The fake man is now fighting those who worked for his victory. He started with our leader, the Secretary to the Government of the Federation (SGF) Senator George Akume who singlehandedly gave him the APC ticket and made sure that Alia became the governor. He is now fighting our Senator for Zone B, Chief Dr. Titus Zam who did everything for his victory during the election. Alia has been fighting Senator Emmanuel Udende too. He is supporting his new godfather Senator Gabariel Suswam to take over from Udende. 

Benue people could not see the deception in Alia but his fellow clergymen, the Catholic Bishops of Nigeria (CBCN know him very well so recently, they rejected his request to address them during their 2nd Plenary Assembly in Abuja. He was humiliated. 

The Bishops strongly frowned at Alia’s attempt to sneak into the conference when he had been suspended by the church. They used the opportunity to warn that as a priest who is suspended, Alia was not qualified to attend their meeting even as an observer. The Bishops further stated that any priest who has been suspended remains disrobed. 

Everything about the man is fraudulent! He received N5 billion palliatives from the federal government but rather used it to buy judgment from the governorship election petition tribunal. 

Alia is using Benue money to buy houses in choice locations in Abuja and Lagos for his women. He recently bought an expensive duplex for his Rwandan girlfriend in Kigali when he visited that country. 

The suspended priest is a very corrupt man. In all the places he served as a priest, there are records of his mismanagement of funds and embezzlement to build mansions for himself and his women. 

Since he took over, governor Alia has not kept any promise. He lied that within his first 100 days in office, he would return all IDPs to their ancestral homes, but that is yet to be seen almost 5 months into his governorship. 

He has appointed Special Advisers but does not know the portfolios to assign them after one month. 

He awarded contracts for the construction of 16 roads of merely 15km for a huge sum of N6 billion and just last week, he made the state executive council to approve the increase of the contract amount to a whopping N9 billion! That money was not covered in the Benue State budget. 

Alia bought a N500 million car for himself but because of the loud outcry in the media, he has not brought the car to Benue State. 

He has received N5 billion and many trucks of rice from the Federal Government as palliatives and has kept mute. There are reports that he used the money to buy the tribunal judgment that was delivered on Saturday. 

He has not cleared salaries, pensions and gratuities as he promised. 

The first thing he did was to sack workers and reverse the promotion of others including permanent secretaries 

He condemned the recruitment of the workers but now he has constituted a committee to review the process and restore some of the employees. 

Meanwhile, his government has continued to make heavy illegal deductions from salaries of Benue workers. 

Alia is a fake man and I see him not achieving any meaningful thing as Governor. 

He has bitten the fingers that fed him!

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